#1 Introduction to DevOps: Breaking Down the Walls

3 Minute read

In our article series on DevOps – Development & Operations – you will gain insight into what DevOps is, the challenges it solves, and the value it creates in renewables. In this article, we set the stage for DevOps and focus on the primary reason for adopting DevOps, which is to break down the barriers […]

The virtual wind farm is the key to solid software quality in wind turbines

4 Minute read

Software plays a crucial role in today’s wind turbines. Each wind turbine contains thousands of digital components that contribute to the wind turbine running optimally, but the digital layer also presents significant challenges. How do you quality-check software in an operational wind farm? The virtual wind farm is a cost-friendly, safe, and efficient tool. Created […]

Four pain points managers must be aware of in additive manufacturing

6 Minute read

While additive manufacturing (AM) has gained significant movement over the past ten years, more and more challenges have risen at about the same rate. Gartner provided an overview of their Hype Cycle and has pointed out four barriers AM must remove to gain a proper place within manufacturing: Cost. Better planned processes are required to […]

The “Standard Turbine”

8 Minute read

It’s been a long way around but we’re finally here. Let’s talk about the piece of technology that’s at the center of it all – the turbine. As always if there is some terminology that’s confusing – feel free to look at the previous installments in the series. The turbine pictured above is the currently […]

Forecasts and Measuring Wind Speed

5 Minute read

As we’ve written about earlier – wind speed is what matters most when determining turbine power output. As wind speed can vary drastically, the ability to forecast how it will behave in the future is important. You can broadly group these forecasts into two categories. Short-term forecasts on the scale of seconds to minutes. These […]

Operating Turbines in Different Wind Speeds

5 Minute read

Previously we have looked at how the power output of a turbine depends on different factors such as wind speed and power-coefficient. Feel free to jump back if you need a refresher. Let us try to use it in practice. We will take a Siemens Gamesa 11MW Turbine as an example. As mentioned before, 1.225 […]

Energy in Wind

7 Minute read

Let’s talk about the energy. There is energy in things that move – and wind is no different.Wind in motion contains energy that we can convert into electrical energy via turbines.Let’s look at how much energy is in wind, and how turbines can capture it. The wind cone as wind passes through the turbine When […]

Why Data Matters in Wind Power

5 Minute read

This is the first in a series of posts titled “A Gentle Introduction to Wind Power for Software Developers” meant to introduce the wind domain for software developers, who are about to work in the field. Large tomes have been written about wind energy – in this series we will try to give a broad overview of what you might want to know about the wind field when starting out.